Facebook Go Live

So really, why should you go live on Facebook?  Is it just because Facebook wants you to?

The short answer is Yes.

The long answer is Yes and here’s why…

Video has been and will continue to be a buzz word around social media marketing and Facebook.  However, according to Facebook, users spend 3x more time watching live video than non-live videos.  What can this mean for you?  More reach and more engagement.

Right now, Facebook is testing a move of the Go Live button to the Facebook camera.

You may soon be able to go live directly from your Facebook Camera with a dedicated ‘go live’ button. But that’s not all. Facebook is also testing the ability to use Live Stories, Live Audio or create GIFs, right from within Facebook Camera.

~ wersm


Tips For Going Live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook can be incredibly impromptu.  You can do it anytime, from anywhere and talk about anything you want. If the spirit moves you, you can jump on there and talk about the stuffed waffle you tried to make this morning and how it didn’t quite turn out they way you hoped, landed on the floor and even your dog turned his nose up at it (um, no, that never happened to me).

However, if you are going live on Facebook for your business, you may want to consider the following tips:

  1. Plan it out!  Know what it is you are going to talk about.  No need to write out a whole script (this should come across as natural as possible), but make a few notes to keep off to the side to help you stay on track.
  2. Pick a spot.  Where are you going to go live from?  Keep things like lighting and outside noise in mind.
  3. Get comfortable.  This of course is up to you.  Are you comfortable and in the zone when you’re dressed to the nines?  Or are you better in shorts and flip flops? Whatever represents you and your company best is what you should go with.
  4. Promote!  Chances are, if you don’t tell people you’re going live, they won’t know about it.  Just give pre-post about it.  Maybe even use that as an opportunity for your followers to ask some questions they’d like answered.
  5. Relax and roll with it.  Jitters are pretty normal your first couple or 10 times, but you will get better at it.  Keep in mind this is tech and there is always the possibility of a glitch.  Just roll with it and recover, your viewers will appreciate that about you.

Have questions about going live on Facebook? Drop them in the comments below.