don't chase numbers


Is your business chasing the wrong thing on social media?  Maybe I should tell you what the wrong thing is?  Okay, the wrong thing to chase on social media is numbers; numbers just for the sake of numbers.

Are you scratching your head and saying, huh?

More specifically, I’m talking about the number of likes and follows.  

Hang on, don’t come gunning for me yet.  What I’m talking about even more specifically (no this is not the last time I’m going to get even more specific) is empty likes and follows just to build up your numbers.

Before I jump into an example (yes, to get even more specific) let me say that it is my belief you have or want your business on social media (very good decision on your part btw) because you want to grow brand awareness and build an audience of fans who may become your clients and/ or customers.  Agreed?  Good.  On to an example.

1 Million Likes

While doing some competition research for a client, I came across a Facebook page, in the same niche with a little over a million likes.

My first thought – Wow!  I definitely needed to take a closer look at what this page was doing to get so many fans. So scrolling through the feed I went.

What I learned was at best disappointing. The engagement rate on their posts averaged .00015% of the 1 million who liked their page.  Yes, really.

What is the point of 1 million followers only to have a few recognize what you are doing online?  What kind of ROI in signed clients/ customers will that yield? Big ol donuts!

So how did they get a million likes?  I can’t say for sure, but I kind of got a dark arts feeling about it.

This was but one example of many accounts I’ve looked at.  

Chase This Instead

Right away I have to apologize, because chase is the wrong word to use here.  It seems to fit, though not really and I’m just going to move on before I digress further.

The title of this section should be, Develop This Instead.  What is the this in This?


Let me jump right into an example.

Another Facebook account in the same niche has around 300 likes.  Doesn’t seem like many does it?

The difference is, this account is averaging 5% to 10% engagement on almost every post!  This is an account that is reaching more of its followers and getting more likes and comments than the million follower account.

The ROI of social media in getting clients and customers with this smaller following is huge!  Chances are, because the person behind this account truly understand what the ROI of social media really is.


Thousands of likes on any social media platform yields nothing without awesome engagement to go along with it.  This holds true whether you have an online business or brick & mortar store (if 1000s of likes isn’t bringing customers in your front door, you’re missing the engagement key).

Know this, engagement takes time, effort and strategy.  But, it is the best investment you can make in your social media.