deliver content value

“Never underestimate the power of good content.”

                                                         ~ Josh Forti


At a recent social media conference I attended (SMULive), Josh Forti said the above quote and it didn’t take me long to realize what amazing value he had just delivered.  Here’s the gold:


The numbers don’t matter, but the value you are delivering does.


Deliver Value & Stop Stressing About Live Numbers 

Is the panic attack coming at you from all directions?  A tightening in your chest? Worried brow lines permanently taking residence across your forehead?  Is any or all of this happening just because no one showed up live to watch your Facebook Live?

Take a deep breath, relax.  All is not lost.  As a matter of fact, the possibilities are just beginning.

Regardless of the number of people who do or do not watch you live on Facebook, don’t let panic rear its ugly head.  Even if you start out with zero views initially, views come in (and can continue to) long after you finish your presentation and post it to your Facebook page.

I see it time and again.  Hours and days after a FB Live, the number of views continue to grow.  


The Possibility in Unknown Data 

Whenever you go live on Facebook, always deliver the best value you can.  

Why?  Because – 

You never know who’s listening.  Or more specifically for Facebook Live, who’s watching.  

When you take a look at the number of views under your Facebook Live post, there is just no way to see who it was that watched your video. (again, this is only for views that come in after your performance is over)

Therein lies the missing, if not possibly, critical data.  Who did watch your video?  Was it an influencer in your niche? A relative or friend of an influencer who may just pass your magic along?  

Maybe not, but then again…

Show Up For 1 

Delivering value is not new advice.  

Gary Vaynerchuk constantly reminds us to build relationships and deliver value.  He’s is also the guy who said a long time ago, “Show up for one.”

Really good advice.

Remember, you never know who the one might be that shows up for you.